Monday, September 21, 2009

Don't Spill the Second Cup of Water

Hello, Neih hou, Bonjour, Namaste:

This is already the second opening ceremony of my blog.I have always been blogging half ways and dump the blog aside, not so patient after all, eh?

Sighs, why am I like that?Maybe I am flawed after all, I like to be a perfectionist.

Not wasting any of your precious time, let me proceed to the first story that I would like to deliver.

I believe many of you out there love sports or even force yourselves to do it for the sake of your health.Some people I know loved it so much they would rather starve to save allowance for the precious sports gear.

For the past 8 years, this thing has been bothering me so much until sometimes I would like to really scold vulgar in front of my parents.Growing up as an excellent student, my schedule is surely packed all the time.In the weekdays:Morning ,I go to school, Night, I do my homework or even have tuition classes at home.I know, some of you might think: Yea, I also have these activities la....I also can play sports wad....Okay if that is what you think, think again.Who the hell in this world would have the time to play sports if he is so damn tired after being bombasted with these activities?

One has to sleep AT LEAST 8 hours, 8 hours a day is just the minimum requirement, some people might think its enough, some might not!For me, being so hectic, surely have to have more rest than that right,right?Don't tell me to get up earlier from bed to play sports, I will KILL you!When I mean tuition, I also include classes like theory, music, and more tuition( including centre ones and private ones).Tell me,Where do I get time to play sports?

When I tell my parents about my problems like dizziness, muscle pains, join pains.....etc.They will surely relate it to the lack of sports I have been encountering.And they will say: Ah boy, you must exercise, I am not joking , you must really exercise,我讲真真的(in cantonese),if you don't listen to me, you sick your fault lorr.....

Isn't it hard to get your parents to understand you?Because we are totally different era people!In their times, where do they get tuition, music classes, yoga, computer, handphones,iPod.......

They don't even understand, If you spend most your time on your studies, the little time left for you is to carry out leisure activities like computer games and tv right?Who cares about that dumb-arse sports that make you sweat like a buffalo and end up smelling like a pig.

Another problem is that they always embarass me.(I copied from my facebook)

There are some reasons I hate sports.It is not that I don't want to do it for the sake of my health.Of course I know that sports is very vital towards my healthy lifestyle.First and foremost, I hate sports because it embarrasses me, my family is ...not that kind of people that really understands what exercise that I like.

Their mean of sports is literally exercising,swing your hands, do push ups, jogging round the park or even running ON THE SPOT!Isn't this embarrassing?They don't even understand the term/definition of sports.All I want is to have a really go...od partner to do sports with me,(of course not my family people).I want to do sports that I really am interested in such as tennis, golf, gym.

Some people out there may know that I like swimming.But this thing has been bothering me since awhile now.The only access to a swimming pool is to go to the club( which I am a member).However, when I go there, my family has to be there also right?(to drive me there).

So, when I swim, they will be like monitoring me how many laps have I been swimming, what styles have I been swimming in,even when I am still young, they even monitor how fast have I been swimming!!!!

How FREAKING embarassing is this!!@#*@)#_@#All I want is to have some really fun, easy sports, with a partner,without my family around,that will make me feel so much better@_*#_@*)#!!!!!!

So if you think that I am a nerd wearing a spec and who studies ALL THE TIME with no play, YOU ARE SO WRONG!!!!!I like sports but not the sports that I don't like,understand?!

Signing off, 

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