Saturday, October 24, 2009

Everybody is not Perfect, but I strive to be.

Hello, Neih hou, Bonjour, Namaste, Bievennue,

Its really long since I have last posted.

I know, you might be thinking; "Duh~ It's already a month since PMR has ended, what the hell have you been doing? Hiding in the cave?"

Well, kinda like that. I have been very sad and miserable about the talks recently, about 2012. Is the world gonna end so soon? When I am 18? When I am legally approved to have sex?!( I am not a sex addict)I just like having one! :D

I just cant accept that the world is gonna face the apocalypse so soon.The first time, there are so many references and prediction that the world is going to undergo disaster.There has been sayings that the world is gonna end because of asteroid strike , green house effect , ozone layer thinning, ETC.....But these are just small cases if compared to 2012's apocalypse!

Mayan Calendar? Crystal Skull? 13th Horoscope?

Wth?! I don't mean that I really believe in these, but these are really the MAJOR 'sacred things',( I think it is....RIGHT?)

BTW, I don't have the will to write much, I am really terrified.I am really scared of dying. What are you when you die?How do you feel when you die? Will there be a heaven when you die?These unanswered questions made me so stressed out and miserable the whole time!

Yes, I like technology, but DAMAGE is the price we have to pay for it. Why not change for the better? I keep hearing like solar cars , smart houses, ECO energy....And lots of other green tech being implemented.Why not just practise it? Make it as a part of our lives, make the globe a better place to live?

"Mankind can be smart, but not smarter than nature".

I hope that mankind act wisely before it's too late, well, it is already too late!
2012, I will wait and see what you are.
Signing off,
Jason Lee

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