Friday, July 9, 2010

Problems Problems Everywhere.

 Hello, Neih houBonjourNamasteBievennue,

        It has been so long since I have last blogged. You know, secondary school life is not the same anymore after you have step foot into the path of higher secondary, which is form 4. As a student who treats exams as a piece of cake (since PMR was so easy and I was getting like 80 and above for everything), I never expected form 4 to be such havoc. It was a choice between science- accounting class and pure science class, but considering the fact of not risking biology (since I don't know what I really want to do in the future, so I kept biology as my choice considering the fact maybe medical is one of the options when I am desperate). However, accounting has also had me beating around the bush, choosing between these two options (I assumed that I am kinda good in doing business because I love to sell things and negotiating).

        Back to the main topic, life has been a total mess to me this year. I have always believed that my grades are good and I have a happy life because I know how to plan my time wisely. It turned out that I was wrong because, this year, it was a battle between me and piles of undone homework, responsibilities, revision, stress, fatigue, tuition, club and society and uniform body. Studying in the morning session was a wise thing to do, I thought last year.(With all the time left during the afternoon, you can simply do whatever you want.) And obviously, I was wrong again! Waking up 5a.m in the morning is already a tough challenge, because I have only had 7 hours of sleep compared to last year I had 12 hours! After school, I have tuition at the city centre (quite a distance from school, have to get on a half an hour bus trip to get there). After tuition, it is normally already late evening, another tiring and cramp Light Rail Transit back to my housing area. By the time I was home, the fatigue and hunger is already killing me. Plus the fact of undone homework, I simply can't resist the sensation of sleepiness, gloomily crawling into my comfortable and warm bed.Basically, I have tuitions on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Theory class, Aural class and Music class on Friday and Sunday. Lastly, private Additional Mathematics tuition at my house at Thursday night. See, my schedule are basically jammed with all these tuitions and classes! 
 During my days in Form 3, going to tuition classes was 'The Way' to get really outstanding grades. Things are opposite now, I felt that they are kinda a waste of time, I wonder it's my fault or the teachers'. Just imagine with all these activities going on, how do I clear my homework , do my revision and have time for other things. One more problem is, I am getting very lazy, I just don't know why. Once I am back from the school, my brain will automatically send a signal to my arms and legs and march towards the computer with my school uniform still on (usually happens when I come back for a bath before I go to tuition, sometimes I do not go to tuition straight from school). I drag everything till night and nothing is ever done! Today's work got dragged to the next day and the work next day got dragged to the day after tomorrow!It's not just homework, even when exam comes, I wait till the eleventh hour to do my revision!I remember I studied for Math exam 5 minutes before it started and the  marks are just 'Marvelous'.

Please, I need help!

I don't know where this laziness come from, whether its from my family, from me, or from my friends that are also like that. I was a student with second ranking in the whole Form 3 and now I can't even enter top 5 in my class ranking, what a disgrace!

Sometimes, I just don't dare to look the mirror, because I am ashamed of myself. I wonder what I am, I feel like a total mess!

Watching TV series everyday for hours and not even flipping a page in my homework, what am I doing?!

And there is a friend that I suspect is giving me all these negative qualities and I wanted to get- rid of him or her so that I can be free! Just that getting- rid of a friend is not as easy as you might think it is.

A word from Jason, do not mix with friends that are ' Eggs-gone rotten' because they simply affect you, very slowly and dreadfully.

Signing off,
Jason V. Lee

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  1. 人生中最重要的是要自尊、自愛、自立、自強、自信。..................................................


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