Thursday, December 30, 2010

31st of December 2010. Time to think back.

Hello, Neih hou, Bonjour, Namaste, Bievennue,

      My, my, time really flies. In a glimpse of an eye, it is now the end of another year. This is the despair of of life, life is like a brief candle, time travels so fast that you don't realize that it has come to an end of a certain chapter. As for me, I had a pretty fucked up year in 2010, I don't even know what I had accomplished and done good, everything seemed to be a mess to me. 

      Have you ever feel so lazy and everything seemed so unimportant till the extend that you procrastinate everything till the very end? I'm scared to hell, I really am. I had never felt this lazy before, I had never done things in the last minute, I had never felt this tired and unenergized before. Since young, I had taken my personal excellence for granted. I was great in everything you name it, except for sports( I hate sports)...Until this year, everything had gone down hill due to my slackness.

     I needed to change, but I simply don't have the willpower to do so. I need a friend that can help me, but admit it,  everybody is too busy for themselves. I don't feel like a perfect person anymore, my skills are deteriorating. My language is rotten. My Chinese Language seemed so unfamiliar, My English grammar and vocabulary is rusting and evaporating day by day, My Malay Language is getting stranger. (And I can sense that the comment area is gonna be filled with " Everybody is not perfect" comments) 

     I have gotten to know that my health is not in tip top condition after the blood test. My liver and my blood have problems. My mom is freaking out after the results were back. Eventually, my haemoglobin is too small and my bile duct is too narrow. That means I will get a " Mild Asthma" after a short distance run. Other people might be running for a longer distance and not feel a thing. But as for me, a round or two is hell. About my bile duct, it is narrower than anybody. That means my liver can't process all the toxins and fats like normal people, it carries out the process in a "ZEN" manner. 

     After the blood test, my mom has been treating me like a cancer/ AIDS patient, like I am about to die soon. She prohibits me from eating salty, preserved, oily and sweet (UNHEALTHY) food. Come on! I don't want to live like an old person , for goodness' sake. The doctor said I can't eat those food regularly, not cannot eat all. WTF)*#_$@)_$)_!@*)@!&)#.

      What did you guys plan for 2011? What are you looking forward to?

Signing off,
Jason Von Lee

As lazy as always.

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