Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sometimes, your dreams are just so near yet so far....

Neih Hou, Hello, Bievennue, Namaste:

This year, is a decision making year to me, which path to take after graduating from high school. Having both Asian parents, making your own decision is not a thing that you are 'allowed' to do.

I remember, when I was  young, people would ask me what would I be when I grow up. I used to have no direct answer to that question. I believe that " all roads lead to Rome", that means you can succeed in any field, as long as you put in maximum effort and passion. Well, I think that that particular question " what do you want to be when you grow up ?" is just a question...well, that simply builds you a castle in the sky. Sometimes, a dream is just a dream, you might want to live in that particular way, but people might just unable to see your vision.

Why do I not have an ambition since I was a kid? Well, to be frank, I was exposed to almost all the fields, such as music, literature, art....etc...(I would like to play sports, but my health does not let me to do so.) I don't seem to have a thing that I like the most.

 Inspired by many great entrepreneurs recently, namely Steve Jobs, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Cameron Johnson....I just have the urge to study business, in Harvard Business School. Well, it seems like something too big and just a fantasy to a commoner like me...

I tried to explain to my parents that business is my passion, and I would like to be a somebody someday. However, my parents think that business is just a very common thing and is categorized as a 'desperate option', and I could just drop out of school right now and become a businessman , what for Harvard Business School and expensive fee?

Having great education is good but achieving your dream is even huge! Why do I say so? Simple! This is because we only live once...

I know asking for something like Harvard for Business is just...well..too much...under the circumstances of my family...they just simply can't compromise...

I want to study in the US, in an Ivy League, I want to invent the next Google or Microsoft or even Facebook. It is not about the quality of education, no doubt that the quality of education of the Ivy League is top notch, but the main thing here is about achieving the American dream, although I am not an American, I want to be inspired, I would like to meet great people that will inspire me. Look at Mark Zuckerberg, without the help of Eduardo Saverin, he would not have enough capital to start Facebook. That is the thing I am talking about, meeting great people, together holding hands towards success.

Parents, I do understand it is your effort to earn a living for your family and it is your children's responsibility to do what you want. All parents in this world hopes that their children are obedient...However, it is not your business to interfere with your children's dream. Let your children lead their dreams, because chances aren't always there and it is important that choices are never regretted.

Please parents, let your children's dream run wild, because life is only once, and when decision is made, there is no turning back.

Signing off,
Jason Lee

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