Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Its a disaster, if you trash it.

Hello, Neih hou, Bonjour, Namaste, Bievennue,

I now pronounce you man and women, you may kiss your bride.Ah, what wonderful wedding scene.Actually, it is a marriage or just a wedding ceremony?

My thoughts towards marriage is that, once you do so, you are tied dead to the rest of you lives.
What you earn, goes to your family.Your freedom? Goes to your wife and your children.

Do you really think that marriage is really a wonderful thing? I doubt that. Do you really want to spend so much money on your children? Don't you want to spend it on yourself? I bet that you would want to pamper yourself after working so hard, you would want to get yourself something fancy, perhaps a fancy gadget, a fancy golf set?Right?!

Do you really want to raise children?That costs millions each, till he or she goes to University when you can let them go?For myself, my allowance is already RM 300 approx per month.It doesn't count tuition fees and other courses' fees( that costs several thousands per month).Just imagine, you want that iPhone so much, but you have to pay all your children's fees and mortgage, with just merely some money left, how are you gonna that iPhone you wanted so much?

Just think, by marrying, you have so much more responsibility, it is not like a picture editing software of something, when you make a flaw, you just undo it and you can get away with all those mistakes. Marriage to me is a death trap. You can't say, "I can't bear with it and I leave my family and be single again". It is very wrong!!! When you put your family behind, you really hurt them a lot!( I really understand it).

Thats why, I try to be single.( Perhaps for my whole life). Its fun to be a successful bachelor with lots of money and lots of women around you! XD

A word from me,

Don't hurt unnecessary people by marrying a wrong person. 
Marriage can be beautiful, but also a disaster if you trash it.
Signing off,
Jason Lee

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  1. On my opinion, marriage is an happy event. However, it may differ from each individual. But, just take things easy. Love may just come and go or it will stay forever with you. Maybe, someday you will find yourself having with a memorable moment with your own family.


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