Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What Are You Doing?

This post has been deleted due to its sensitivity to some readers. The owner of this blog apologizes to the party that has been discriminated indirectly in this post.The owner of this blog only expresses his feelings towards incidents that occur on him. No impoliteness intended. Rough words, sarcasm and vulgarities are used for humour purposes ONLY.

From the heart of the owner,


  1. I agree with u, maybe some other's workmanship is better and impressive...There's a reason at the back....I also think that my homemade pancake with honey dripping is the best...won't u thk....However, congratz lo....

  2. Hi. I was actually laughing while reading this. The way u said it was hilarious. I thought that Chung Hwa was the best?? Is that the picture of your cake? Anyway... Congrats =)


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