Monday, November 9, 2009

A Word From Jason

Hello, Neih hou, Bonjour, Namaste, Bievennue,

After issuing the post ' What Are You Doing', there has been some ' Talks' going on in my school's office. I know, I did make my post very sarcastic and there are quite some rough words and vulgarities, too. Well, to be frank,I issued that post because I am indeed unsatisfied and pissed off with the decision made by the person in-charge.

What puzzled me is, did I say anything bad about teachers? Did I say anything bad about the school? No, I did not! I used positive meaning words and made my statements in question form, I did not criticize anybody, I just asked for some answers regarding my questions.

Is it wrong to speak up about your unsatisfactory ? I doubt so. With my way of writing, I am confident that I didn't have the intention of discriminating certain party. All my posts are about what I am pissed off. Is it wrong to be unsatisfied about certain issues that contradict with your personal opinion? No!

If you did something wrong, accept it and think what you had done wrong. Okay, I do understand that somebody might not realize their mistakes when nobody tells them about it. But, when somebody does notify you about your mistakes ( IN ANYWAY) , don't be all freaked out!

Somebody I know not only doesn't acknowledge their own errors, they tend to start' TALKING'. The definition of ' TALKING' is, to gossip about the person that reminds him or her about the mistakes he or she had done. When I issued the ' What Are You Doing' post, sarcastically talking about the misjudgment made for the competitions in my school, somehow it had leaked to the eyes of certain parties. Not only they didn't take the misjudgment to discussion, they start making it an issue, gossiping it all around , making me so disgraced.Really? Was it my mistake to write about the bad results we got in the competitions? I just don't understand why the competitions I had participated in ended up in bad results despite I had performed it so well?

Well, I really don't have an idea how they know about my blog and facebook. I am sure that somebody in my profile is not being a very good friend. An advise from me, don't trust your friends too much, some of them are very dangerous. Speak up whenever you are unsatisfied, do not fear to, when you have good reasons to complain.

Have you done anything wrong? I can't judge you by just looking on the outside, not knowing what is happening in the inside. It is your choice, whether to give a sugar coated answer or a honest one.

Well, the conclusion to this post is:

"Live with dignity and glory,
Admit Mistakes and Don't blame it on others,
Gossiping will only makes youself ugly."

Signing off,

Jason Lee


  1. Good message~However, human beings(This World) always unsatisfied by what they possess....They are tempted immensely and keep on pursue the worldly things through rivalry and end up fall to perdition~~Close friends can be your best comrades but they can either bring blessing or curse...So be vigilant and watchful!

  2. Yes, I do agree. And another thing is, adults can sometimes act like children too.You know who I am talking about, no need for reminder.

  3. Ya...most of the time they are like childish~


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